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Congratulations, Marvin students on a great summer of reading! 

Ready, Set, Read update:


August 23 : The last day to record your reading minutes on your log.  Now you can go ahead and add up how much time you read! 

September 4 : Pledge forms will be returned to you. Write your child's total number of hours in the designated box on the top of their pledge form and begin collecting your pledges.

September 18 : Last day for all pledge forms, reading logs and the collected money to be returned to your child's teacher.


 We are proud of all of our readers!  Any questions contact Betsy Munoz at betsyhannamunoz@gmail.com

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Pre-K Takes Earth Day to Heart and Mind – A Lesson in Reuse photo

Pre-K Takes Earth Day to Heart and Mind – A Lesson in Reuse

This Earth Day all of the Pre-K students worked with their families to collect a variety of packaging including boxes, bottles, cardboard, and paper rolls.  The students then used these items in a variety of lessons including a two week lesson on transportation. 

The students used cut pool noodles to print railroad tracks and drew on cut boxes to create interlocking roadways.  They covered milk containers and food boxes to create homes and shops.  Then they pieced together a variety of cars and trucks. 

In the next unit the students used old soda bottles to create jet packs.  With left over paper tubes and cardboard, the student created measurement people and played a measurement game.  In the last week of the year, the students will use the remaining packaging to play store. Now the students look at packaging very differently, they don’t think where should this be recycled, but rather what can I make out of it.

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