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Animal Adaptations

Mrs. Bisson's fourth grade students have been learning about the special adaptations that animals have that help them to survive. These adaptations can be structural, (the way an animal looks) or behavioral, (the way an animal acts).

Each student created a new animal and applied the information that was learned in this science unit. Each student created an animal with a different head, different legs, and a different tail. As part of the assignment students had to explain how the structural adaptations of their animal enabled the animal to survive. They also had to determine the correct habitat for the new animal.

This project was an excellent and fun opportunity to demonstrate what the students had learned. I don't think anyone would want to run into any of these animals on a dark night.

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Down, Set, MATH! photo

Down, Set, MATH!

The quarterback, Mr. Hazel, yells out the play to his team of former students, "Add up your player’s points!" Every Tuesday after school, Mr. Hazel and a group of 4th and 5th grade students meet to discuss football…and math. Together, they make up the Marvin Mustangs fantasy football team.

The team has 15 players, including Mr. Hazel. Everyone is competing online through NFLRush.com. However, it's not just fun and games. After picking individual team players for the current week, students use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to solve problems using statistics. Each person is also responsible for graphing their weekly scores.

Every week brings new challenges for everybody…but, without Mr. Hazel we wouldn't be a complete team!

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