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Global, Biographical Technology

What do Florence Nightingale, Sacagawea, Jim Henson, and Albert Einstein have in common? Yes, they may all be deceased…but, recently third grade students at Marvin Elementary brought their stories back to life to “show off” their informative writing skills.

As part of the culmination of the biography unit of study in reading and writing, third grade students dressed their part at the annual wax museum. It all began with each student choosing a person of interest. After researching and writing about their famous person, each child used Google Presentations to create a slide show. Each slide show included text and images. Students also learned how to change the background color of slides, and add animation and timelines. This helped each of them prepare a speech.


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March Madness photo

March Madness

With the NCAA Men’s Final Four teams in place, how many schools are left on your bracket? Don’t feel bad…there are 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 possible brackets. That's the number nine follow by eighteen zeros, or 9.2 quintillion. In other words, if all possible brackets were stacked on top of each other (on standard paper), the pile would reach from the moon and back over 1.1 million times. It’s no wonder billionaire investor Warren Buffet offered one billion dollars to anyone who could fill out a perfect bracket.

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