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Story Telling and Dance Tells All

Miss Emmons class learned to put themselves in another person's shoes!  After learning about the different regions of the U.S., what makes each unique and the Native American Tribes that inhabited each,  these 5th grade students made this information personal.  The KIDS decided to change their point of view and present this new information through story telling and dance, just as the culture was originally passed on!

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Math Boot Camp  photo

Math Boot Camp

Learning did not take a vacation this summer at Marvin Elementary.

Marvin hosted one of the first Singapore Math Boot Camp sessions for students in the county who are new to 5th grade AIG math.  The camps were taught by UCPS AIG teachers including our own, Leesa Martins. 

Students learned about model drawing, a strategy often used in Singapore Math.  For an explanation about model drawing, you can go here.  Students also learned about number bonds and how they can be used to solve addition, measurement, and fraction problems.  Along with all their learning about math, students managed to make new friends and have some fun.

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