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Benton Heights Gives Back

 Marvin Elementary school gave our students the chance to collect books to give to other kids who might need them. We “adopted” Benton Heights Elementary last year and wanted to share with them again. We donated lots of books and each child received their very own new book. As a thank you, Benton Heights invited our 5th grade students to see a play.

On Friday, March 20th, the 5th graders at Marvin Elementary went on a field trip to Benton Heights Elementary School to see their production of Annie Kids. The cast members started tryouts in September and sang in front of “judges”. Many students tried out but only a few made it. After tryouts the cast worked from 2:00 to 4:30 every day after school.

They played all of the classic songs like “It’s the Hard-Knock Life”, “Tomorrow” and even “Maybe”. All the 5th graders had a good time at Benton Heights Elementary School. Thank you Benton Heights!

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Singing Loud and Proud! photo

Singing Loud and Proud!

Many of our 3rd-5th graders proudly sang the national anthem before the Charlotte Checkers' hockey game on Sunday, March 29th. The students practiced for many weeks at home and in school to memorize the song. The group came together only once for a group practice before the performance. Congratulations to Mrs. Andrews and all of the singers for a job well done!

We also had students do the Chicken Dance with the Checkers' dancers and high five the hockey team as they headed back to the locker room. It was a great day filled with fun, free Checkers' hats, and many appearances on the Jumbotron for the Marvin Elementary community. This was a very successful Family Fun event and PTO fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who attended.

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